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What is the mode of payment?
All transactions of our escort service are by cash only. Payment should be made to the escort of your choice at the beginning of your meeting. Please make sure you have the correct amount.

Can I check into budget hotel?
Yes. Room number needs to be given before our escort makes her way

Do you provide house call service?
Yes, there’s a set of information needed for house call service. Please give us a call to discuss.

What if the escort is not suitable or not to my liking when she arrives?
If in the first 5 minutes of meeting your escort you feel she is unsuitable, please be aware that a cancellation fee of $50. It is required for the escorts' time, travel and lost earnings.

Will late night booking be available?
Yes, however more patient is needed as escort arrival may take a longer time.

What are the requirements to secure the booking?
Client needs to provide his name, race/nationality and age before we are able to proceed with escort arrangement. Once the service slot is confirmed, the client needs to secure a hotel room at least half an hour prior the agreed time, and give us the hotel room number. We may call randomly to the room to verify.

If your appointment is a resident address, give us your full address that includes postal code. Your name, race/nationality and age will also be required.

Can I keep in contact directly with the escort?
No. As this is purely a business transaction at the end of the day, we hope that clients do not get too emotionally involved with the escort engaged. Also we do not take responsibility for any aftermath of doing so; the escort and client are solely responsible for their own action after the transaction ends.

Can I take photos of the escort?
No taking of photos or video clips by means of any device with recording or camera function is allowed during the engagement, even with the escort consent.

Can the escort carry out certain fetishes that I have?
Clients can discuss with us when securing the appointment, the escort will decide if she agrees to go with it. However clients are to refrain from using violence or any perverted behavior at all time during the engagement of our female escort. An escort has the right to end the appointment at any time if she is being verbally abused or physically threatened in any other manner. Please treat our escorts with the same care and respect you expect to receive.

If I like to book the same escort through you again, is it still the same price?
We value our clients and greatly appreciate for those that do not deal directly with the escort. A 20% discount will be given for booking the same escort again.